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Обход бана byond.(Может и не сработать)

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Bypassing bans on BYOND
A guide written by your local asshole, erika/rapedevice from!

1. Register a new BYOND account.
To bypass BYOND bans, first you must make a new BYOND account, most likely use guerillamail ( as a disposable email since BYOND does not filter these out and use Tor ( or a web proxy (not recommended since all web proxies are shit) if you want to make more than two BYOND accounts (it restricts you after two accounts).

You do not require a proxy to actually bypass the ban unless you were IP banned, it only relies on the BYOND key and your Hard Disk GUID (Globally Unique Identifier or Volume Serial Number), but if you join during the same round as you got banned on, it will alert the admins you're connecting from the same IP as before which can raise suspicion or get you banned if an admin is around.

Tor is a good proxy solution. To be able to play BYOND games using Tor you need to either download FreeCap ( which works on 32 and 64bit Windows or SocksCap V2 ( which only works on 32bit Windows and set it up to use (default Tor SOCKS5 address) leaving everything else default and then adding BYOND to it or alternatively try setting up Tor with OpenVPN ( Now BYOND will be forced to go through Tor. It may take a few attempts to actually connect to it if it says Connection Failed when logging in. Since I joined my own server, the player panel tells I have a different IP, some examples below:
ErikaT (
ErikaT (
You may have to log out and log back in on BYOND each time you switch identities.

2. Spoof your Hard Disk ID

Method 1:
Virtual Machines / Hard Disk ID Modifying

What I have done here is set up a Windows XP VM and by default, it will already have a different Hard Disk ID, so you'll be good to go (unless you got banned from the server while on your VM).

Now, to change the Hard Disk's ID on your VirtualBox, simply execute this command in CMD. Obviously changing your VirtualBox installation path and your VM's .vdi (this is the hard drive file for your VM, file type may vary depending on what you set it as when you first set it up) path to whatever you use. Make sure VirtualBox and your VM are not running while you do this.

C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxManage internalcommands sethduuid "C:\Users\Erika\VirtualBox VMs\WinXPTestbed\WinXPTestbed.vdi"
If it was successfully executed, it will print something similar to the following:
UUID changed to: ae572f21-faeb-4df5-96c3-b6277fdc7773
Now, boot up VirtualBox again. It will say "One or more virtual hard disks, CD/DVD or floppy media are not currently accessible."
Simply hit "Check", rightclick the inaccessible disk, release it and then remove it. This will not delete the physical image of the disk, it will only remove it from the list.
Now, your VM will be missing its hard disk, to fix this, rightclick on your VM and select Settings, go to Storage, hit the Add button and choose "Add Hard Disk". Then, you click "Choose Existing Disk" and browse to the disk you always used for your VM, hit Open and you're all done.

You can now launch your VM again, then log in with your new BYOND account and cause more chaos. Tested successfully three times on a Space Station 13 server using the same IP and twice using Tor.

Disposable BYOND accounts to use:
All gone, make your own.

Fix for server owners:
Due to popular demand, we've released our fix for other servers.
This works for every BYOND game, including Space Station 13.

Simply put "" into your code directory and tick it in your .dme, then compile the server and run.
Every user joining will be checked if they're attempting to evade bans or use a proxy to join.


Спасибо, с сегодняшнего дня я становлюсь твоим ебырем

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